Home of the Tiny IR Interface For Use with the Raspberry Pi

Honey Pi manufactures Unique and Innovative IR Receiver modules (daughter-boards) that plug directly into your Raspberry PI enabling infra-red remote control of XBMC Media Center devices.

With our module, Infra-red remote becomes part of your Raspberry Pi!

Our modules support all MCE RC6 Compatible remote controls and work with the latest versions of both RaspBMC and OpenELEC to enhance your Raspberry Pi XBMC Media Center experience.

Compatible with all Raspberry PI Model-B motherboards.


* Allows you to use a Media Center Compatible remote to control your Raspberry Pi/XBMC Media Center
* Less expensive and more responsive than many USB IR Receivers
* Doesn’t eat up one of your USB Ports
* Very Lower Power Consumption (uses less than 5mA)
* More Compact than many other units sold on the market
-> Mounts directly to your Raspberry PI's GPIO header on the motherboard
-> Firmly mates with your PI to become part of the unit
-> Fits neatly inside
transparent cases turning your PI into a self-contained IR Controlled device
* No soldering or modifications needed to your Raspberry PI
* No wires or jumpers "dangling" out of your case
* No risk of plugging the wrong wires into the wrong place - simply align the connector and plug it in!

"Quick Start Guides" are included with each shipment to help you complete the XBMC Media Center installation process.

Our Products are Currently Available on eBay at: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=honeypi

and through our distributor at: http://www.rasptools.com